32" Monarch Kite
32" Monarch Kite
32" Monarch Kite
32" Monarch Kite
32" Monarch Kite
32" Monarch Kite
32" Monarch Kite
32" Monarch Kite

32" Monarch Kite

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It really flies! Easy to assemble and very stable.

SkyTails®, Handle & Line Included!

Size: 32" W x 20" H
Sail Material: Nylon
Airframe: Fiberglass
Age Rating: 8 to Adult
Wind Range: 7-15 MPH

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Melinda Morgan-Stowell
Not exactly the Intended use, but...

We used your Monarch butterfly kites as decorative elements in our trees...we just added a little fishing wire for a great display...they are quite lovely!

Deb Mechler
Well-made and worth the price

I needed kites just above the normal drug-store variety to use with my grandchildren. The kites flew beautifully and are sturdy. I appreciate the quality and visual appeal of these kites.

Janet Braithwaite
Lifted Hearts!


Susan Brenner

It is not quite kite-flying weather here in Western Oregon so the kite sits decoratively, on the mantle, waiting. I sent one to a friend with the suggestion to fly it, hang it, or otherwise enjoy it as she will. And she will. The kite is so pretty and has brought smiles of anticipation to me and her isolated home in the desert. Thank you for its creation.

Rhonda McNeilus
Go fly a kite!

The grand kids and I had such fun flying these kites! They all have a favorite! What a beautiful way to spend an afternoon.