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Works great

Prism - Zenith 5
randy mullendore

Prism - Zenith 5

Coolest Kites for Kids!!!

If you have little kids, def get them this!! Very easy to color & use!

Amazing Dragon Ever!!!

Super sikk dragon!!! Def recommended!

Prism - Zenith 7
Bobbie Gehrke
My string broke 🥲

I love the kite. Easy to get up and super fun to fly. I would love to have another one but too much of a risk for the cost. When the string broke so did my heart. Probably my own fault. I tied in extra string and maybe didn’t to the knot right. Has it about 700 feet or so up for quite a while and it broke when I was reeling it in.

30 In. Great Blue Heron
Brian Dilhomick
Whata Great Heron

A+ Blue Heron spinner

Clown Fish Swimming Fish

Jazz 2.0 - Infrared
Joseph Said
Flew great

Flew great! String broke first time out in 20 mph winds.

Great winder!

I purchased the 250lb Yo-Yo Winder for my 8ft tall kite and it was perfect! Amazing quality, will always recommend

wind whirlagig Turtle

My grand daughter loves it. Gets a lot or work in the Florida Keys.

always handy

flys great looks great!

Arrived too late.

9 days shipping. Thanks for nothing novice kites

T. rex kite

Flew amazing. My 5 year old son loved it

Very disappointed

Kite very fragile for the price. We bought two hopefully I can return it 🥲


The kite was shipped quickly and it’s EXACTLY what we are expecting. It seems plenty durable and my daughter is so excited for windy days.

20Lb X 500Ft Kite Line On Stake Winder

250Lb X 500Ft Yo-Yo Winder


It broke the first time I flew it

Great kite

Good looking and sturdy construction. March has came in like a lamb here so I haven’t flown it yet. Looking forward to seeing it in the air.

Beautiful pink flamingo spinner

This is my fifth one of these. I love them. They last for years, but eventually get faded and tattered, still working but what a treat to replace them with brilliant new pink flamingo spinners! Nice, high quality, easy to assemble.

Zephyr Kite - Rainbow Geometric
James Palmer

Great kite! Grandchildren had a good time with modest breeze.


Fair construction. Difficult to fly.

Wonderful Kite

It’s an excelente kite, I love its design and ease of flying

Wrong Order sent!!!

I ordered a petite golden retriever spinner and received a Leprechaun!!!! Not sure how that could have happened but I ordered it in advance of a friend's birthday and now it will be late. Waiting to hear if company will send the correct order ASAP! Argh!!!! How does one mistake a dog for an Irish mini man!!!

Nexus 2.0 Stunt Kite
Nicholas Cipriani
Kite broke on first run

Smaller rod broke on impact when hitting ground