Dodd's Flight School: Stunt/Sport Kite Training

Dodd's flight school is an iconic set of instructional kite flying videos made by esteemed sport kite flyer & designer, Dodd Gross. Despite being made over 20 years ago, it is hands down, the best way to learn to properly fly a sport kite. These instructional videos are intended for Dual-Line Sport Kites.

Lesson 1 - Basic Instruction

Lesson Level: Beginner - Length: 12 Mins.

Learn the basics of flying a sport kite including kite anatomy, assembly, wind window understanding, attaching stunt kite lines, launching your kite for the first time, & basic kite maneuvers/turns/spins.

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Lesson 2 - Dodd's 6 Step Practice Learning/Practice System

Lesson Level: Beginner - Length: 4 Mins.

Dodd has used his 20+ years of experience in flying and training to develop a practice system for learning the full array of sport kite tricks. This video provides flying patterns, tips, and tricks that will help you conquer each of the trick groups in the later lessons in this series. This video is essential in moving on to more advanced flying and tricks.

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Lesson 3 - Stall Tricks Group

Lesson Level: Beginner - Length: 4 Mins.

This is the lesson where you start getting into real tricks and really controlling the movement and speed of the kite. Learn to make the kite stop, start, and change direction in mid-air, at your will. There are some really cool landings in this video that you will definitely want to learn!

Tricks/Movements Covered: Snap Stall, Snap Stall Landing, Snap Pancake, Snap to Wingtip Stand, Snap To Landing, Vertical Spike, Horizontal Spike.

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Lesson 4 - Pancake Tricks Group

Lesson Level: Beginner - Length: 2 Mins.

You got a taste of the pancake (pun intended) in the previous lesson. Now its time for a full stack with some butter and hot syrup on top. This quick and simple lesson will help you master the various Pancake Tricks. Its a great trick to throw into your routine and will surely impress any onlookers with the controlled movement of the kite.

Tricks/Movements Covered: Arial Pancake, Ground Pancake, Ground Pancake Recovery.

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Lesson 5 - Axle Tricks Group

Lesson Level: Intermediate - Length: 9 Mins.

This video is where things start to get a little more advanced. It goes into the details of axle based slack line tricks including aerial and landing tricks. These tricks are pretty intense and most people don't even know kites can be controlled and moved this way. If you completed the other lessons, this should be no issue for you. This is where you take your sport kite game to the next level and Dodd makes it super easy to follow along.

Tricks/Movements Covered: Axle, Axle to Tipstand, Axle to Landing, Axle Takeoff, Coin Toss, Reverse Coin Toss, Half Axle, Cascade, Flip Flop, Spin Axle, Axle Cascade.

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Lesson 6 - Flip Tricks Group

Lesson Level: Intermediate - Length: 7 Mins.

In this lesson you will learn various advanced flip tricks. These are tricks that flip the kite forward and backwards during flight. These flips combine well with other maneuvers and are essential in a flyers bag of tricks.

Tricks/Movements Covered: Flic Flac, Fade, Rising Fade, Pancake To Fade, Back Flip, Flip Over, Yo-Yo, Flying Yo-Yo.

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Lesson 7 - Flat Spin Tricks Group

Lesson Level: Intermediate - Length: 2 Mins.

Two seriously impressive tricks are shown in the quick 2 minute video. 540 Flat spin is one of my favorites. Kite races towards the ground and at the last second it flips up, spins, and takes off again. A mus see move for sure.

Tricks/Movements Covered: 540 Flat Spin, Slot Machine.

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Lesson 8 - Combination Tricks Group

Lesson Level: Advanced - Length: 8 Mins.

By now you should know how to do almost every trick in the book. This lesson focuses on putting those tricks together in unique and creative ways. With a full bag of tricks in your pocket the trick combinations you can put together are almost endless. Get some great ideas from this video!

Tricks/Movements Covered: Spike to Coin-toss, Axle Cascade to Cascade to Flic Flac, Axle Takeoff to Axle Cascade to Flic Flacs to Axle Cascade Landing, Stall to an Axle Landing, Axle Takeoff to Fade Rollout, Cascade ending in Flip Flop, 540 to a Flic Flac, Belly Launch into Rising Fade, Pancake to Rising Fade to Flic Flac into a 540. 

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Lesson 9 - Advanced Recovery Tricks Group

Lesson Level: Advanced - Length: 8 Mins.

This lesson is essential to maximizing flight time. Rather than running over to your kite every time it hits the ground to set it up in standard launch position, these tricks will teach you how to relaunch your kite no matter what direction it lands facing on the ground just by pulling on your lines. This lesson will save you a ton of walking back and forth and will help maximize flying time.

Tricks/Movements Covered: Aerial Wing Wrap, Ground Wing Wrap, Cartwheel, Belly Launch, Side Pop Up, Nose Pop Up, Reverse Back Flip Takeoff.

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Specialty Lessons

Lesson 10 - Light Wind Flying Techniques

Lesson Level: Advanced - Length: 2 Mins.

Sometimes mother nature is just not cooperating with us kite flyers. This lesson gives you tips and techniques for wind speeds 1-3 MPH. Flying in very light winds typically requires an ultra-light kite, and a bit of finesse from the flyer. This 2 minute video will keep you flying no matter what the conditions!

Tricks/Movements Covered: 360, Flyaway.

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Lesson 11 - Indoor Flying Tricks/Techniques

Lesson Level: Advanced - Length: 4 Mins.

Believe it or not you can fly a kite indoors with no wind. Still a rather small subset of sport kiting, indoor kite flying is quickly gaining popularity. There is definitely some crossover from outdoor sport kiting, but indoor really is a totally different experience. And a really cool one. Indoor kite flying is a must see, and if you can find a space, a must do!

Tricks/Movements Covered: Up & Over, Belly Launch, Stall, Helicopter Spin, Recovery, Throw, Spin Throw, Axle, Helicopter Catch, Belly Launch to Fade to 360 circle to a Flic Flac. 

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